7 Packs

Now, let's select your juices! 7 Packs come fresh (local) or frozen. Fresh packs are divided into two deliveries, one on Monday and one on Thursday to ensure your juices are as fresh as possible. Frozen packs are shipped all at once. If your Fresh pack is outside of our delivery range you will be shipped a Frozen pack instead. Be sure to read our delivery/shipping policy for more information.


What Should I Do Before and After A Cleanse?

You Should start with eating light meals and drinking plenty of water. Once Your cleanse is complete, you can slowly start reintroducing solid foods.

How Often Should I Cleanse?

We recommend doing a 1 or 3 day cleanse every 4 to 8 weeks

Can I Cleanse While Pregnant or Nursing?

It is not recommended that you do juice cleanses while pregnant or nursing. Please consult your doctor before doing any cleanse if you think you might be pregnant or are planning to nurse.

Are You Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Nut Free?

Yes. This includes our coffees and Mylks

Are Your Juices Vegan Friendly?


Can My Child Drink Your Juices?

Yes. These juices are safe for children to drink. (Just a little heads up, Green Dream is a kid favorite)

What Is The Basic Delivery Process?

We have two delivery Schedules. Monday and Thursday. Each Juice is made the morning of delivery. We will leave your juices in an insulted cooler bag with an ice pack at your doorstep. Please leave any gate codes in the notes if needed.

What Is The Delivery Schedule?

We deliver every Monday and Thursday for our local deliveries. ORDERS MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE MIDNIGHT ON SATURDAY FOR MONDAY DELIVERY. Orders placed after that will be delivered the following Thursday.

Can I Exercise During The Cleanse?

Low to Moderate exercise is okay. We do not recommend any rigorous workouts during the juice detox.

How Long Do Your Juices Last?

Our juices are unpasturized and additive free so they have a short shelf life of 7 days in your refigerator and 6 months a=in your freezer. If thawing a frozen juice, you should consume it within 24 hours of being completely thawed.

Heavy Metal Detox Smoothies

A delicious smoothie that is perfectly designed to include 5 key ingredients that work together in synergy to pull heavy metals like mercury, lead, aluminum, nickel, copper, and cadium out of your organs where they accumulate. This smoothie is made with fresh bananas. wild main blueberries, organic cilantro, orange juice, barley grass juice powder, spirulina and atlantic dulse. See Anthony Williams explantion of how the heavy metal detox works its magic at MedicalMedium.com

Celery Juice cleanse

Celery Juice has been known for it’s amazing medicinal healing for everything from heartburn to psoriasis. Weight loss, improved mobility, and reduction of inflammation. Some people see and feel results as soon as the first day! But, as most healthy habits, the Lemon water/Celery Juice protocol is a marathon not a sprint. Anthony Williams, the Medical Medium is a huge proponent and advocate of celery juice.

Nutrional Values

12 oz Juice Nutritional Values


8 oz Juice Nutritional Values